Meet the Gang

Get to know us with a few "Fun Facts"

Matt Mullins

Director of Operations
Little known fact: Former PGA Golf Professional
Loves: Jelly Bellies and Kenny Chesney


Eva Mullins

Director of Business Development
Self-proclaimed “American Idol” wanna be
Loves: Old architecture
Little known fact: Has lived in 3 countries and 5 states


Gayla Rittman-Bryant

Little know fact: Can crack walnuts with her bare hands
Loves: Tyler Perry movies and singing
Favorite Quote: “You’ve got to make time for your husband”



Jimmy Mullins

Loves: sailing in the Bahamas and Vienna Finger cookies
Little known fact: Jimmy routinely does backflips off his sailboat
at Shell Island….showing off for the grandkids!


Glenda Mullins Lewis

Loves playing cards with her buddies and computer games
Favorite pastime: Spending time with her family
Hobby: Collects Santa Clauses
Special talent: Gran can decorate anything


Sue Harris

Pharmacy Technician
Little known fact: 60’s-80’s Song Trivia Champion and big “bird nerd”
What makes her smile: watching her grandaughter compete in pageants


Theresa Russ

Pharmacy Technician
Collects rhinestone brooches
Loves: Jawbreakers
Known as a HUGE prankster


JoAnn Melvin

Administrative Assistant
Favorite TV Show – “Malcom in the Middle”
Favorite hobby – Antiquing
Loves Zaxby’s Wimpy Sauce
Secret Desire: To be a Private Eye


Be Part of the Team

Our hiring philosophy has always been “hire for attitude, train for skill”. We believe that you can’t train someone to care about helping people. You have to find them. Our staff is a wonderful group of caring folks who make a difference in the lives of others each and every day. Our success as a company depends, in large part, in their ability to “show we care”. Actions speak louder than words and we are proud to say that our staff is second to none.