Pharmacy Services

More than a neighborhood drug store

store_lgMullins Pharmacy fills prescriptions – in-person, over the phone, over the ‘net and delivered to your door – in the Lynn Haven, Florida area.

We also create custom compounded meds – we’ve got our own lab, right in the store. It’s pretty neat. And no, you can’t push that button.

We lead classes + workshops for folks who want to learn more about stuff that makes you sick – and how our bodies tick.

And when it comes to diabetes, we’ve got our very own ‘celebrity’ – award-winning diabetes educator, columnist + speaker DeAnn Mullins.

Our innovative WeCare Diabetes Education Program has helped thousands of people get empowered to use their insulin pumps, balance their blood sugar, and reclaim their health.

We’re changing the face of preventative care – with straight-shootin’ systems that actually work.

Not too shabby for a family-owned & operated business, right here in Bay County.

Better Care –

Patient Care & Support

A lot of people die each year in the US because of not taking medicine as directed. As in 125,000 per year a lot. And the most common reason for NOT taking medication as prescribed? Forgetting to refill. That bothers us. So we have started new programs to help our people/patrons/friends/family do better. And live longer.

Monthly Love – Our Med Sync Program

We will simplify your meds by synchronizing your refills to one monthly pick-up.

This means fewer trips to the pharmacy & less hassles with getting refills authorized before your meds run out.

It’s easy to sign-up.

Oh, and it’s free.


Refill Reminders

If you are more than 2 days late on a refill, we will give you a quick call to see if we can fill your med, call your doctor or help with any problems you may be having with your medication. It’s not an “auto-refill” program. It’s a complementary program designed to provide Better Care…


Safe & Smart Dispensing

Nothing is more important to us than your safety. But let’s face it, people make mistakes. So we have built systems and processes that use this amazing technology to help us keep you safe.

Meet the EyeCon, also known affectionately as “Homer”.

Homer validates that the right medication, in the right quantity goes into your bottle. It takes a picture of every fill and even remembers if we owe you.

Here’s a video if you’d like to know more…click here to meet Homer Video Link


Meds On Cue

Meds on Cue

Scan. Watch. Learn.

You can quickly and conveniently access a medication-specific video by scanning a QR code printed on the label of your medication bottle.

With a smart phone, a video message and written information is always with you.
This is a complimentary service provided with every prescription to improve medication safety.

Click on the link or scan the QR code for a demonstration.

Meds On Cue



Delivery & Curbside Service


We can deliver your prescriptions to your home or office within the Lynn Haven area. We also offer mail options via the US Postal Service if you are farther away. A small fee may apply. Call us for details.


Previously ordered prescription medications can be delivered to your car when you park in our designated RxExpress space in front of the pharmacy.

Call us from your car when you arrive – 265-3344

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Medicare Part D is a program provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to subsidize the costs of prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries.

You are eligible to enroll in a Medicare Part D Plan during the 7-month period that starts 3-months before you turn 65, includes the month you turn 65, and ends 3 months after you turn 65.

If you are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, or receiving Extra Help, you can change plans at any point during the year.

You can change your Part D Plan during the Open Enrollment period, which occurs between October 15th and December 7th. The effective date of the plan will be January 1st of the following year. Also, you can change to a 5-star rated plan at any point during the year, if you are not currently on a 5-star rated plan.

We can easily compare your current Medicare Part D plan to others to help you save hundreds of dollars a year on your medications costs. iMedicare is a Medicare Part D comparison tool that compares yearly out-of-pocket costs, monthly premiums, annual deductibles and enrollment options.

Using iMedicare, we can estimate your copays for every medication. We can estimate your different coverage periods throughout the year, including when you hit the Donut Hole.