Diabetes Care

When you’re living with diabetes, life takes on a serious tone. But you’re not alone – and you don’t have to figure everything out on your own. Our 2-Class Workshop Series will help you understand what’s going on in your body & how to stay balanced — for life.

You’ll learn how to…

Eat food that tastes good… While balancing your blood sugar

Formulate a fat-loss plan that eliminates hunger & cravings

Understand your medications & maybe get rid of a few

Use your meter to discover which foods are helping and hurting you

Our small-group classes are irresistibly fun, effective and affordable. Your health is everything…Call us today!

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Local Lovin’

Howdy, Just wanted to let you know … A1c is still 5 after all these years. Again I want to thank you so much for your help. I have passed a bunch of your teachings on to other people…you are such an angle and one of my truly best teachers and friends on this earth. Hang in there sweet lady and know this ole cowboy in Texas thinks of you often, your friend. — Pete R.

Local Lovin’

Than you for helping be learn in a way that was fun and interesting…outstanding job! — HC

Local Lovin’

I could go on listening to DeAnn for ever & ever. Thank you so very much. You added years to my Senior years. — MN

Local Lovin’

DeAnn, you have a great ability. I wish for your continued success – you are truly an example of someone who believes that helping others is the best work of life. — Tom N.

Local Lovin’

…the personal attention and your clear understanding of the material. The use of educational aids was extremely helpful. The handouts and take home aids were helpful to me and my family. Had a very useful and enjoyable learning experience and recommend this class to everyone! I would have liked to have had this type of class and education about diabetes when I first found out that I had this disease. Thanks for everything. — EA

Local Lovin’

DeAnn always answers questions and helps each on an individual basis. I enjoyed learning in the class. Keep up the good work! You’re making a difference. — MA

Local Lovin’

DeAnn, the loving, caring environment you provided in class and in my case, allowing me to pay as I could. You are always in my heart and will always be in my prayers. — BH

Local Lovin’

After 38 years with diabetes, this is the first program that I have ever attended that makes me fully aware of all areas relating to diabetes care management & also taught on a level that I could fully understand. — EF

Local Lovin’

Every diabetic should have the opportunity to come to these classes as soon as they find out they are diabetic. — GB

Local Lovin’

DeAnn Mullins is one of the most sharp, caring, knowledgeable CDE’s I’ve met in the 5 years I’ve had diabetes. She is very committed to passing on the correct and crucial information for diabetes management. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I witnessed a noticeable change in my own health and attitude as well as the others in class. She makes you feel good about yourself and empowered. — IM

Happy Students

Cups of Coffee

Insulin Pump Starts

Dispelled Diabetes Myths

Workshop Schedule

We are excited to offer a series of free informational sessions in partnership with Sanofi. Linda Deterding, RN, BSN, CDE will be teaching the one hour sessions.

Call Linda at 850-228-5299 to reserve your seat.

  • July 11th & 25th
  • August 10th
  • September 14th & 27th
  • October 12th & 25th
  • November 9th

To attend our 2-week workshop series, taught be DeAnn Mullins, BPharm, CDE call & ask to speak with Taylor 265-3344