Comments from our Pharmacy Satisfaction Surveys:

This is the best pharmacy in Bay County. Keep it up. Sherry B.

Your staff is great. Thank you for being super great. Virgil S.

The staff is very friendly and helpful, they show in every way how much they care. I feel like I’m a part of their family. Faith B.

Mullins puts Walgreens & CVS to shame. I’m not sure why anyone would go to the other pharmacies just to get treated like a number. Shawn C.

I love everyone here. John C.

Thank you for helping in my time of need. Very helpful and kind. Wendy S.

Top notch! Beats the heck out of WalMart. Thomas S.

Couldn’t be happier with the service we received. Ken S.

What would I do without you guys. Thanks for caring. Chris P.

I have always enjoyed the personal service we get from this pharmacy. Mullins has always filled for my family reaching generations before me. Thank you. Tammy C.

All staff members are very friendly & courteous. It is nice to see a small business so active in giving to community activities like the mask parade gala and Covenant Hospice. I am transferring all my business here. Cynthia P.

I love this pharmacy. Best in Bay County. John W.

Great to be around people laughing & smiling. Paul T.

Never had such a “GREAT” pharmacy. Melissa M.

I’ve been coming here for apporx 15 years. I get the BEST care every time. Everyone is so very kind and helpful. I always use Mullins unless you are closed. You are #1 in my eyes. Melissa M.

I love coming to Mullins. They are fast and very nice. Michael W.

Always great each visit! Richard W.

Couldn’t ask for a better pharmacy. Thank you to all the staff. Rebecca S.

I am very sick and you took me right in. Thank you so much for your kindness.
Jane A.

I grew up in a family business & we’ve tried to patronize hometown businesses. Have traded here for 23 years. I love the “family customer relations”. Thank you.
Awesome employees! Quinta S.

I will only use Mullins they are great & know how to care about people. Even my kids like coming in with me, they like the employees & get suckers.

Always the friendliest and most polite group that I’ve dealth with. Martha R.

Have been coming here for years for the great service, great service will keep me coming back. Athalone B.

Best found. Tell Everyone. Larry S.

Everyone is so friendly, compassionate & care about each individual person. They ask questions & answer your questions in an excellent manner. Thanks.

Great staff to work with, old-fashioned hometown courtesy and very helpful in every way with fast and efficient service. JS

Comments from our diabetes workshops:

I tell everyone that I know about this class. Even if they are not diabetic. They may know someone that is – I cannot say enough good things about this class! CG

I’ve been with or around diabetes for 40+ years. These classes were a definite help to me. The most inclusive & informative that I have ever been exposed to. Thank You! BG

You are awesome. You have made a difference in my life. Now I can pass this on to my spouse and to others that are learning to live with diabetes. If I can help make a difference, I will do my best. Thank You. JL

Great experience. The most I have learned about diabetes at any one time. Great enthusiasm by DeAnn. EF

Thank you very much! You may have saved me from becoming a handicapped person. CH

I could go on listening to DeAnn for ever & ever. Thank you so very much. You added years to my Senior years. MN

Thank you DeAnn for your commitment and dedication. TH

DeAnn always answers questions and helps each on an individual basis. I enjoyed learning in the class. Keep up the good work! You’re making a difference. MA

Every diabetic should have the opportunity to come to these classes as soon as they find out they are diabetic. GB

I was not aware of the availability of how much help these sessions are to diabetics. I will certainly recommend this program to diabetics I meet in the future. GN

Keep up the good work so we can stay as normal as possible. Honesty is great. BF

DeAnn, the loving, caring environment you provided in class and in my case, allowing me to pay as I could. You are always in my heart and will always be in my prayers. BH

Than you for helping be learn in a way that was fun and interesting…outstanding job! HC

DeAnn, you have a great ability. I wish for your continued success – you are truly an example of someone who believes that helping others is the best work of life. Tom N

What did you like most about the program?

…DeAnn’s approach to teaching. AP

…learning the importance of taking care of oneself and DeAnn. CC

…the interaction between DeAnn and the students. The individual care you gave me helped me the most. KS

…DeAnn, our teacher, was very approachable and easy to talk to. DV

…friendliness and being able to ask questions. What helped me the most were the visual effects. Very impressed. KS

….the classes were very informative as well as enjoyable. The presentation of the program was excellent. BMc

…I found out a lot of information that I didn’t know before. Everything was helpful. SG

….I liked the way you explained diabetes and knowing now, how to start to control it. HP

…it was easy to understand. SB

…our teacher (DeAnn) was very knowledgeable and the handouts will be very useful to me in my life. DF

…very down on my level. GS

…how to eat! What to eat! CK

….very informative. Help with counting carbs and importance of eating regular meals and keeping records in order to achieve targe goals for blood sugars. CM

….great reference materials. JM

….packed with information, handouts to refer to & refresh what was covered in class. FC

…answered my questions in regards to food and reading labels. AG

…your (DeAnn) enthusiasm!!! I learned so much and want to take all of your classes. SC

…provided tools to make better choices. CO

…the instructor (DeAnn) and all the information. DD

… all of it. DH

…informative. Class should be required with initial diagnosis. MF

…our speaker (DeAnn) was very good at explaining. PS

…everything was so helpful! MO

…extremely informative. I now understand “why” on many issues. BJ

…the knowledge I have learned will help in all parts of my diabetes so keep this program going. GL

…DeAnn Mullins is one of the most sharp, caring, knowledgeable CDE’s I’ve met in the 5 years I’ve had diabetes. She is very committed to passing on the correct and crucial information for diabetes management. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I witnessed a noticeable change in my own health and attitude as well as the others in class. She makes you feel good about yourself and empowered. IM

… I feel better equipped to help my husband. I can shop for and encourage him better. CB

…thank you so much for your time and knowledge. I feel so much more informed. LD

…explaining why we do something, not just being told to do it. FI

…the time that DeAnn took with answering questions and presenting the diabetes program. BMc

…this class has been a great help to me. DeAnn is a wonderful instructor. JN

…You were very nice to me and very, very helpful with lots of information. I really didn’t know anything about this so thank you so much! KP

…the personal attention and your clear understanding of the material. The use of educational aids was extremely helpful. The handouts and take home aids were helpful to me and my family. Had a very useful and enjoyable learning experience and recommend this class to everyone! I would have liked to have had this type of class and education about diabetes when I first found out that I had this disease. Thanks for everything. EA

…I appreciated DeAnn’s help and for taking her time to help us. SP

…Learning how to take care of my diabetes. BS

…After 38 years with diabetes, this is the first program that I have ever attended that makes me fully aware of all areas relating to diabetes care management & also taught on a level that I could fully understand. EF