Our Story

We’ve been family-owned & operated since disco was all the rage. And while a lot’s changed since then, our core mission hasn’t – we want you to choose love, shine bright and be well. Today. Tomorrow. For Life.

Why Choose Mullins Pharmacy & WeCare Wellness?

  • We care about what’s going into your meds — and into your head.
  • We care about how you’re eating and sleeping. How you’re healing and feeling… About yourself. About your family. About your friends. About the future.
  • We care, because you’ve got blood sugar to manage — and a business to run.
  • We care, because your little girl’s getting married — and you’re gonna walk her down the aisle. In your custom orthopedic shoes. With circulation-boosting socks. Yes, sir.
  • We care, because life’s more fun when folks greet you by name.

We care, because it’s our job. Our calling. And our promise.

Our Heritage

In 1972, Jimmy Mullins and his wife, Glenda, moved to Lynn Haven with their three boys–Ken, Brad & Matt–and opened Mullins Pharmicenter. The pharmacy was a traditional independent shop offering prescriptions, compounding, sundries, flowers & gifts.

In 1998, we became the new owners of the family business. Mullins Pharmacy was renovated in 2010 and has grown into a health & wellness destination with an emphasis on education, prevention & compounding.

While our products & services have changed a bit over the past 44 years, our values haven’t.

Small town values are what we stand for. Knowing your neighbor, working for a better America, giving more than you take and raising your children to be productive, caring people.

If you value professional excellence coupled with a big heart for helping people, you’re going to love our pharmacy.

Hope to see you soon,
Ken & DeAnn Mullins



Meet The Team

At Mullins Pharmacy, we’re pretty darn friendly — no doubt about it. But charm will only get you so far — we’re also highly-trained + seasoned pros, with shiny degrees and humbling awards. And while we’re here to serve you, we’re not above tootin’ our own horns, from time to time. We hope you’ll forgive us. Just this once.

Click around to read our stories, discover a few of our guilty pleasures, and find out how each of us plays a big role in keeping you well. Better yet, stop by the store in downtown Lynn Haven! We’re even friendlier in person.

Co-owner & 1989 Auburn School of Architecture graduate.
Ken wears lots of hats as he runs the family business, fills in as needed as a tech and works for a Destin based development company building condos. Ken has logged 7 billion miles driving his girls around the country to play soccer. When he’s not working or driving, he enjoys spending time with his amazing wife, watching soccer, being on the water & college football.
Favorite Movie: One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
(Jack Nicholson is his spirit animal)

Ken Mullins


A 1981 Auburn grad, Gary has only missed one day of work in 35 years due to illness. Seasoned and dedicated to taking care of people, he’s a golden rule kinda guy…treating others like he would like to be treated. He loves spending time with his beautiful wife & 4 children. He is looking forward to multiple grandchildren in the very near future.
His free time includes golf, yard work, time on the water & watching college football.
His quick wit & dry sense of humor keeps the staff on their toes.
Favorite Song: Amazing Grace

Gary Grant


Retired after 20 years at Mullins Pharmacy but you will still see her helping out from time to time. She will forever be part of our family and was our “glue” for many years. Sue is now spending time with her hubby Keith & taking care of her garden, chickens and plethora of pets. Sue’s love for God is reflected daily in the way she lives her life.

Sue Harris

Pharmacy Technician

Taylor believes that you can never give or receive too much love. A self-proclaimed Daddy’s girl, she believes deeply in helping people and never expected “to love pharmacy as much as I do…it has completely changed my career path.”
Favorite things: Ellie, Starbucks and getting her hair done.
She is engaged & in the process of planning her wedding & completing her college degree.

Taylor Oakley

Pharmacy Technician

Emma believes in being positive and that everything happens for a reason. She is a new Mom and also believes that her son is the cutest baby in the world.
Emma is deeply proud of her son & her husband’s business Southern Lawn Pros-for all your lawn & landscaping needs. (you see what she just did there?)
Theme Song: Mickey Mouse Club

Emma Dobbel

Pharmacy Technician

Abby loves Harry Potter, literature & her dog Chipper. She yodels. She believes that God’s grace is sufficient & she believes in being kind, even when you don’t feel like it. She is working on her degree to work with infants & toddlers with special needs. She loves to travel. Norway tops her dream vacation list.
(I bet her yodeling skills will come in handy there.)
Theme song: Bohemian Rhapsody

Abby Carter

Pharmacy Technician

Jon is one of our youngest techs & has already received national pharmacy tech certification from PTCB. He is deeply proud of his scholastic achievements & his reputation. We are deeply proud of his big heart.
He plays the trumpet, loves math and being outdoors.
Affectionately known as our “Baby Huey”.
Favorite Quote: Be the change you want to see.

Jon Rice

Pharmacy Technician

Founded Mullins Pharmacy in 1972. Auburn grad (War Eagle) & proud father of 3 boys & 7 grandchildren. Jimmy is semi-retired but can be spotted helping out from time to time. A seasoned sailboat captain, he has spent many years sailing, for months at a time, around the Bahamas. He exemplifies a healthy lifestyle with daily exercise and good nutrition (thanks to his wife GiGi). Can still be seen doing back flips off the sailboat to entertain the kids.
Favorite Musician: Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Mullins


DeAnn Mullins

Here’s the first thing you oughta know:
I am devoted to keeping you well —
by inspiring, educating + fighting for patients,
and empowering real people to care for themselves.

Here’s the second thing you oughta know:
I became a pharmacist, nearly by accident.

Though looking back at my life, it’s hardly a surprise.
When my brother was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, the hospital gave us a glossy brochure, and a pat on the back. We had no idea what was happening in this little boy’s body — let alone how to manage his diet + lifestyle, to keep him alive. It was a frustrating, awkward + frightening time. I was sixteen years old. And I wasn’t impressed.

I grew up. And so did my brother. I found myself working in corporate marketing, but longed to discover my real vocation — as a no-nonsense interpreter, advocate + role model for wellness + joy. And wouldn’t you know it, I found it. First — at Samford University’s McWhorter School of Pharmacy. And then — at the family-owned business my father-in-law had opened with love, back in ‘72. You guessed it — Mullins.

My husband + I have owned Mullins Pharmacy for the past 18 years, and in this small-town shop with an independent spirit, we’ve found our true calling.

I’ve also found challenges + creative adventures outside our local business — as a diabetes care columnist for Retail Pharmacy Management magazine, reaching 120,000 readers each month, as a board member & President-elect for the National Community Pharmacists Association, and through two years of service on the Florida Board of Pharmacy.

As the creator of WeCare — a diabetes wellness + education program, based right here in our pharmacy — I’ve been recognized, honored + showered with praise, in flattering ways. National awards. A nod, from the governor. Speaking gigs. And other ego-boosters.

But what really + truly fuels my work are the handwritten love notes that come into the shop. Letters from patients, neighbors + friends. Words like, “Thank you for making all the difference” and “Because of your help, my diabetes is under control.”

Call me a softie, but that’s all I needed.

So, what’s next for this southern gal and her state-of-the-art compounding lab?
A whole lot, and then some. Healthcare in this country is reaching a crisis point, and we’ve got to fight for our right to affordable medicine, education + preventive care. I’m on the frontlines — both in the shop, and in legislative talks — to keep independent pharmacies alive, and kickin’.

Because small deeds make big waves — and big waves change history.

Wishing you love & miracles,



Shine so that through you, others can see Him. - CS Lewis


The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it.


I really regret eating healthy today…said no-one ever.


A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything. – Irish Proverb

Our Vision

To Make A Difference In The Life Of Every Person We Serve

This vision will be expressed by:
• Creating long term relationships in which success will be measured by the lives that are touched and improved by our programs.
• Creating an environment that will fuel a desire to make an enduring impact on the world around us.
• Equipping individuals to achieve their goals.
• Promoting community involvement and leadership building skills.
• Recognizing bureaucracy as an archenemy and not allowing it to inhibit our good sense of business and creative spirit.

Our Mission

Mullins Pharmacy will accomplish this vision by providing services that will promote wellness and optimize therapeutic outcomes. Our delivery of these services will be in a caring, cost efficient, and convenient environment.

Everything we do shall be measured by its ability to allow us “To Make A Difference”.