The Curiosity Well

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  • “Fear does not like being watched –
  • it thrives in the dark.
  • Your curiosity is the light.”

If You Really Knew Me You’d Know:

I have a pretty perilous past.

  • Starting with the time I wrestled a huge tom cat into a public dryer. He lived.
  • Then there was that time I ingested a bottle of aspirin with a boric acid chaser.
  • Chewing provides proprioceptive input to the jaw that is very calming to toddlers.
  • I was fine, my Mom, not so much.
  • Have you ever cooked a hot dog weenie on a big industrial light-bulb?
  • It’s a curious kid’s Easy-Bake Oven.
  • It worked, until the light bulb exploded — kids, don’t try this at home.
  • Then there was the day that I decided to light a firecracker.
  • In my bedroom. My plan was to snuff it out with a wet washcloth.
  • But then, I couldn’t. So I held on tight. And closed my eyes.
  • I was smart to close my eyes.
  • Not too smart when I walked 3 miles across busy highways to escape a neglectfully mean babysitter. Ignore me? I think not.
  • I smoked a cigarette. Not proud.
  • But I did wash my tongue with a wet wash-cloth between puffs.
  • The washcloth came in handy this time.
  • It was a little awkward when I ate the paper wrapper on my very first cupcake.
  • I’m sure it had something to do with magical power of rainbow sprinkles.

  • Have you ever had that urge, to stick a bobby pin — in a light socket?
  • No? I just HAD to see what would happen.
  • Pain & diarrhea is what happened.
  • I Explored All Of These Curiosities
  • Before My 6th Birthday.
  • I’ve always been curious.
  • Curiosity rocks, of course until it doesn’t, just ask the cat.
  • But when it’s all said and done,
  • I think curiosity is the secret to staying healthy — if you live past your 6th birthday
  • Curiosity drives us to participate more fully in life.
  • It’s a prime mover and motivator. It’s a simple desire to know.
  • It’s the major driving force behind scientific research and other disciplines of human study.
  • I believe that the more curious you are about your health, well, the more likely you are to reclaim your health or better yet, stay healthy.
  • Read, ask questions, experiment, challenge the status quo, learn new stuff.
  • This blog is a celebration of and an adventure in curiosity.
  • I wonder what would happen if…? What causes that?
  • I hope to never lose my curiosity.
  • And I look forward to exploring health & wellness concepts out loud,
  • right here, from time to time.
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  • “Curiosity is said to have killed the cat –
  • but satisfaction brought her back.”

The Curiosity Well Blog

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In 8 days, God willing, I will be inducted as President of the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA).

NCPA was founded in 1898 and represents the pharmacist owners, managers, and employees of more than 22,000 independent community pharmacies across the United States.

118 years in existence and I will be the third woman President. I’m still not sure what to do or how to feel about this fun fact. Should I feel like all “Girl Power” proud? I am proud that my two daughters get to see Mom in this role and I don’t want to be seen as the 3rd woman President as much as I want to be seen as a great NCPA President. One who dug deep on her courage to show up with authenticity, energy & tenacity to fight for better patient & provider care.

I was kind of freaking out about all of this, until this morning. I was looking back to see what year I was inducted into leadership. It was so long ago. I found a paper written by my daughter, Stevie-Marie, when she was 8.

I honestly don’t remember this. But I saved it. Thankfully.


"Curiosity is one of the great secrets of happiness."

  • -Bryant H. McGill